Sep 17, 2014

Christopher Columbus Roll and Cover Games

I love easy games that are engaging for my kids and require low preparation time.

In these games, students roll 1,2 or 3 dice, add the numbers, and cover up the sum. First to cover all their numbers, wins!

Each game board has the number of dice to roll.

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Sep 15, 2014

Monkey diary in English and Spanish FREEBIE

Hello friends!
   I am excited to share with you something that my kinder kids love, and that could work with older grades too. This is all you need:

 Yes, I’ve had the “monkey theme” for the past four years (and I plan to have it for a few more). Magically, my students started to bring me a lot of “monkey stuff”, including stuffed animals, so I decided to use them during and after class.

        I use them during class when it’s reading time and they don’t have a reading buddy. They simply go to the library, take a “friend” and read to them. It also works when I am busy talking to another student. I tell them to say it to the monkey first (and they really do!). That gives me time to finish the conversation. There is also another way I have used them. I had a student at the beginning of the year that would cry constantly because she didn't want to come to school. I told the student that our monkey was also nervous about coming to class, and that she was responsible for making sure he was okay, because I wanted him to know that he was safe in school. 

She started taking the monkey everywhere and I mean everywhere (bathroom, lunch, recess, etc). Our monkey even had a special place in P.E. I decided it worked but I didn’t want her to carry the monkey the whole day, every day. I decided I had to take it away, so I started a journaling activity.

This is how I started it:
1. The students picked five monkey friends from the classroom.
2. They named all the monkeys. A whole group activity.
3. I created the diary (duck tape on the spiral for durability):

4.  Created a few guidelines:

5. I send home every Friday, but only those who have not been on yellow the whole week can take them home. I love how it helps as a motivator for good behavior! 
6. Students share on Monday what they did with the monkeys.
Did I mention I also send a small snack(left over from the week)? I tell them that it is for the monkeys and one of my students actually brought the snack on Monday. He said the monkey was not really hungry. How cute! 

Would you like to use it in your classroom? Click here. 

Sep 14, 2014

Teaching the Five W's

Here's a quick blog post to share a fun way to teach the Five W's in Spanish.  I like to use a catchy song that students will remember easily. We also use hand motions that go along with the song. These  will help the kids remember the five questions that they must answer about the story. 

Hop on over to my blog to read more about it and to download this free visual.

Sep 8, 2014

Where Is Your Class?

 It's Libby from

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I love Frida and knew I had to have this clipart!

As a first grade dual language teacher, I only speak Spanish in front of my kiddos.
If you're not familiar with the program, we do this so students use their Spanish language to communicate.  After summer, students feel more comfortable speaking English and this way students will feel the need to speak more in Spanish. 

It's so great how students are such sponges at this age.  Even my own little cutie pie speaks to me in Spanish at school.  I'm really fortunate to teach at a school where staff and administrators value being bilingual.

Well, this is the fifth week of school for us and boy are we busy!
Sometimes we get so busy we forget to let others know where we are, so to help you out I thought I'd make this bilingual freebie for you.
I'd love to hear from you.
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Sep 6, 2014

Hello everyone!  This is Leah Meiser from Lectura Para Niños !  I just finished teaching my second week of school!  Boy was it busy!!  I feel like we're starting from scratch every year.  I am starting my 18th year of Kindergarten and the shock of back to school hits me every time!  I have a great group this year and the lowest class size I've ever had!  Only 21 students!  I'm sure I'll be back up to 24-26 soon!  I've always started the year with 25 kids.

This year we have adopted a new reading series - Maravillas (Wonders) - McGraw Hill and Engage New York - Eureka Math.  It is definitely a struggle to set new routines after so many years!  I have tried to keep up with organizing so many materials!  Here is what I have done to help create labels for for the Maravillas Series.  These free labels also work for the Wonders series as well or any other reading series for that matter!
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Have a great day!

Sep 3, 2014

FREE: Apple Math Fact Fluency Practice!


¡Hola a todos! Ginger from School en casa here to help you celebrate the beginning of September! For all of us in the northern hemisphere temperate climates, September means APPLES! We'll definitely be visiting an orchard to do some apple picking, and we'll work some apple economics into our school plans, too. Do you get to go apple picking?

In the meantime, we'll start working fun, apple-themed activities into our day, beginning with this math fact fluency practice activity. I have three versions: one for addition facts with sums of five and ten; one with addition facts less than 10 or more than 10 (but under 20), and one for multiplication facts of less than 30 or more than 30!

Click on the picture to jump over to my blog and download this FREE resource, with both Spanish AND English versions!

Aug 29, 2014

I "mustache" you a question

I designed this 10-page packet to help kids to ask and answer about personal information the first days of school. It is ready to print and use with your kids.

You can download your free copy here

A Teachable Year


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