Nov 6, 2014

Hello everyone!  This is Leah from Lectura Para Niños

I wanted to say I can't wait for the Blog hop that is starting tomorrow!  Be sure to check back!
Stop by all of our blogs!  Hop from Blog to Blog and download a freebie from each of our sites!
I hope you have a great day!!!!  One more conference for me today and I am finished with conferences! :-)  It was great checking in with all of my parents this week!  I've got a great group of kiddos this year! 

In the meantime... here is a freebie from my site that Mommy Maestra is offering free on her site only!  :-)  I've been creating all of these little books to use during my intervention and small group instruction.  They have really helped my students a lot! :-)
Happy Thursday everyone!


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Oct 22, 2014


We just reached 3000 followers in TPT! Isn't that exciting?

We want to celebrate with you! So we are having a TPT giftcard giveaway on the blog and a free craftivity for Halloween.

Oct 20, 2014


In my kindergarten classroom is all about number recognition and counting! The last couple of days we completed different math activities using apples and they totally LOVED it!

We started the week reading "Ten red apples" by Pat Hutchins

After we read the story, we made a play using the same characters of the story! It was a great way to practice counting 1-10 forward and backward!

As a final activity each student created their own apple tree. They painted apples  on their apple tree and counted them! It was another fun way to practice counting. The best part is that your students can count as  high as they can, while they are doing one of their favorite things painting!

You can download this activity {HERE}
Have fun and visit my blog or FB page for more ideas and activities!

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Oct 15, 2014

Parent conferences here we go!

Although it is a hectic schedule, I do like having the opportunity to talk to my students' parents during conferences. Knowing what is going on at home and connecting it to school is very important. I try to show the parents different ways on how they can help their child at home.  I begin my conference with a form that student fills one week prior to the conference, where the student evaluates their habits at school.  I absolutely love how honest my kindergartners are, and I also get to see which ones are too being hard on themselves. I usually have one or two students that have no behavior issues and they still say they need more work on one of the areas.  Click here to download this FREE resource:

 I hope you can use this with your students!  Have a great week,

Oct 14, 2014

FREE Halloween Printable

Halloween's right around the corner. Does your school allow you to use Halloween-related activities? If so, you might like this little freebie. Students will color the bat and identify the ABC pattern on the hat. Visit my blog to download this FREE printable.

Oct 4, 2014

October... Halloween arriving!!!

I want to share the activities I did last year with my students that went really well.
Of course we did different Halloween crafts and the children had a blast but they were too excited so I decided to do other Halloween involved activities to teach Maths and Spanish.

We went to the library and we read a poem where a witch explained how to make a potion and the children helped the librarían put all the ingredients into the cauldron.
We put all the crafts outside the classroom and we went home with a great booklet with all the Halloweeen related work.

If you want to find out more go to my blog where I´ll explain all the crafts and if you want to take a look to my activities resource (in Spanish and in English) take a look on my TPT page.

What about a fall freebie to start with...
Doubles (1 to 10)

Funmonkeybars :)

Oct 3, 2014

Time for Spiders...and a Free Resource!

¡Buenas! Ginger from School en casa here again, ready to usher in the epoch of spiders and all things creepy!

It's October, and many of you are looking ahead to Halloween. Do you celebrate it at your school? Whether you do or don't, it's the perfect time to study our arachnid friend, the spider! Did you know there are over 4,000 known species of spiders in North America alone? Despite their reputation, very few of these are at all dangerous to humans. Spiders are much more frequently of benefit to humans in their capacity of voracious insect predators. Our resident wolf spiders are currently controlling the cricket population that sneaks into my basement!

To help you in your spider studies, I have two resources to share!

First, a new "Libritos y tarjetas" product! It has a set of four-part cards covering six different species (with real pictures), a set of three-part cards covering nine spider body parts, and two matching booklets for students to make! And just for you, it's ON SALE right now in my TpT store! Sale ends this weekend, so pick it up if you can use it!

Libritos y tarjetas: Epecies y Partes de la araña | Spider

And second, a free resource! It's a spider diagram for labeling nine parts of a spider (the same ones in the cards above!), complete with an answer key. Just click on the picture to go download your free copy!

{Free} Label a Spider ~ Etiquetar la araña [Dual Immersion]

Happy spider studies!


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